Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post nr. 1 / The Beginning!

Given the fact that I have little chance to do any type of writing nowadays, I decided that trying a little blogging might be a good outlet. I will probably write about a variety of things, although might mostly focus on issues that affect Latvian-Americans and Latvians outside the United States, as I certainly spend enough time in the Latvian-American community and do give these issues much thought.

I will start off with an anecdote provided by a Latvian-American child. It illustrated quite well how very confusing the concept of identity is for many of us!

In working with Latvian-American children in various settings, I have always found it interesting to discuss identity with them -- no matter what their age. I was teaching a group of second graders (seven year olds), and decided to ask them whether they were Latvian or American or both. These children came from a variety of backgrounds - several had two parents who are Latvian-American (i.e. born in the U.S. to Latvian parents), one had a mother from Latvia and a father who is American, yet another was the son of Latvian diplomats temporarily posted in the United States. They all unequivocally told me that they are American -- yes, even the child who only has a Latvian passport. I decided to quiz one boy whose family I know quite well. I said, "Your grandmother is Latvian, your grandfather is Latvian, is your father Latvian?" There was a puzzled look and silence, then, "No, he's a lawyer!"

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