Sunday, March 15, 2015

Snow melt and Sunset on the Potomac

Although instituting daylight saving time can throw me off for an entire week, I do enjoy having more sunlight in the evenings. One recent day after work and dinner, I convinced a friend that we needed to drive to the Great Falls area on the Potomac river, which on the Maryland side is accessed from the wonderful C & O Canal National Park. I was quite sure that with the snow melting the river would be high, and the falls impressive. Given clouds in the sky, the sunset might be nice to watch, as well. Luckily, I was right, and the visit was memorable.

In some spots the ice on the canal had not yet melted, and the towpath was quite muddy.

This was the view on one side of the first bridge...
...and from the other side...
In some spots, small piles of snow still remained.
Crossing the next bridge, one side...
...and the other...
I liked this mini pond (or is it just a large puddle?) and the trees' reflections in it.
And this is how the main part of the river looked when were arrived. Typically far more rocks are visible in the river.
As is the case with sunsets, the colors and the cloud formations kept changing.

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