Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Wintry Spring Visit to Michigan

This winter's most exciting event was the arrival of my fourth niece. I planned an early April trip to Grand Rapids-- hoping that winter would be over with by then. Once that date arrived, however, I found myself stuffing thick sweaters into my suitcase, as my hopes had been dashed and the forecast was calling for cold, snow, wind - and more cold. I sat at the Baltimore airport sweating and feeling overdressed in the warm muggy Maryland temperatures, but landing in Michigan reminded me why wool sweaters and down coats are so useful. Nonetheless, it was a great visit during which I was able to experience two Michigan firsts -- seeing the butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens, and visting the state's "Little Bavaria" - Frankenmuth, about which I will write separate posts.

Naturally, my time with the family included lots of cuddles...
Back in DC my time is once again monopolized by working and commuting, but I'm hoping to find time for an outing or two in the coming months. In the meantime -- I hope you're enjoying your spring, and stay tuned for a couple of posts about the Michigan adventures!

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