Saturday, April 5, 2014

Latvian Links: Serious and Funny

In case you missed it, Latvia's former (and much loved) President Vaira Vike-Freiberga was interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR) earlier this week. The interview can be read about and listened to here.

I recently discovered a really fun Latvian website called MildasLaiks. This can only be appreciated by Latvian speakers, as it contains comics in Latvian. As explained on the website: " interneta komikss par to, kā Mildu atbrīvo no viņas tiešajiem pienākumiem pieminekļu sfērā un nu viņai beidzot ir iespēja pašai izbaudīt uz savas ādas, kā tad tas ir dzīvot, visu kontinentu un galaktiku lieliskākajā valstī – Latvijā." While many of the comics feature Milda, not all do, and the one through which I found the site is the map of Riga below. I don't even understand all of the inside jokes/references, but the ones I do get are pretty funny. Number 8, for example, is the airport which is labeled "Exit to Ireland." Number 15 denotes the huge restaurant and entertainment complex Lido, which is a favorite spot for tourists, thus earning it the explanation "foreign visitors' feed lot."
By Aivars Baranovs & Andrejs Klavins. Source here.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend (and some sunshine!) where ever you are!

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