Friday, April 18, 2014

More Etsy Finds with Latvian Connections

Nik J Designs offers fabric pouches, bags, and buckets. Nikki is married to a Latvian-American, and she teamed up with an old camp classmate of mine to design a few of her own Latvian-inspired fabrics, which I just love - particularly the "zalktis" version.

Pouches in the "Saule" design
Pouches in the "Zalktis" design
The Manerovs sell a variety of jewelry, but I found this ring to be quite interesting.
Ring to show your love for Latvia's capital city, Riga
Although winter may finally be over, if you are looking to prepare for next year's cold spell and need to stock up on accessories, Latvians are known for their beautiful and colorful traditional hand-knit mittens. These lovely black and purple ones are from Kidd Creative.

If you'd like to upgrade to something more modern (and more expensive), then Anita's Homemade offers this stunning pair.


  1. I love retro patterns, I think the "saule" (which also means "column" in German *boring fact*) ones are my faves. Will go check them out:-)

    1. You are right - the 'saule' pattern is very retro! But - hey - that is a great German factoid. Definitely a German word I've heard, but have since forgotten. :)


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