Friday, September 12, 2014

Library of Congress (Quickly)

For three days I am participating in a conference organized by the American Latvian Association. Each day takes place in a different location, and yesterday we were in the Library of Congress. I am ashamed to say that in my fifteen years of living in the DC area, the LOC was an American institution I had not yet visited, but I am grateful I was able to rectify that! The Library is spread out over three buildings near the Capitol, but the Jefferson building is the oldest, best known and most stunning. The majority of the day we were in a modern conference room on the sixth floor of the Madison building, but we were given the typical tour of the Jefferson, as well. Here are just a couple of photographs, and I will write more about this wonderful experience later.


  1. Isn't the interior breathtaking? How I'd love to do some research in the main reading room!

    1. Yes, it is amazingly beautiful!! I really am planning on getting a reader's card. :)


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