Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday Links for You!

If you need a break from family and holiday-created craziness, I am happy to share several links you might enjoy.

I've been loving Liene's 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas project, and have learned something from many of the guest posts. There are too many interesting and informative posts for me to name any favorites, so I urge you to read them all if you haven't already! In case you missed it, this was my guest post on Christmas greetings featured on Day 9.

Heather visited Tallin's Christmas market, and I am envious of her experience - including the possibility of purchasing adorable elves at incredible prices.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Bev ventured to Burg Hohenzollern for a magical market set in a castle!

A special fundraiser took place in Latvia right before Christmas. Radio Pieci put on a 6-day-long song request marathon. Any listener could request any song for a donation for at least five Euros, with all donations going to help needy senior citizens. Over 28,000 of Latvia's seniors have to get by on the lowest pension amount, which is only 142,29 Euros. Over 64,000 Euros were raised, and the playlist was eclectic and - honestly - quite awesome.

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas!

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