Sunday, February 15, 2015

Upcoming Latvian Mega-Events

In the depth of winter, one of my favorite activities is looking forward to summer, and - in particular - upcoming Latvian events. Because - after all - nothing says summer like a Latvian song festival!

The event I will be attending is Garezers' huge 50th anniversary celebration from July 2 - 5.

If you'll be in Latvia at the beginning of July, see if you can get tickets for the Youth Song & Dance Festival, which takes place in Riga from July 6 - 12.

If you'd like to attend a cozy and smaller scale song and dance festival, book a flight to California for Labor Day weekend, and attend the Latvian Song Festival being held in San Jose.


  1. And we're not attending any of the three! We'll be there in G! in spirit...

    1. Aww, so sad you won't be able to make it to the big G50! You'll be missed!


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