Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Latvia is "in" for 2014!

The Washington Post always does a pop-culture oriented and somewhat nonsensical "In/Out" list on January 1. It denotes which actresses/food trends/etc are "out" for the new year, and which TV shows/fashions/etc are "in" for the coming year. This year's list, posted online on December 31, has me far more excited than most, as it named Latvia as being "in"for 2014. Given that Latvia joins the Euro-zone tomorrow and that Riga is a European Capital of Culture for the year, it is not immensely surprising to see Latvia spotlighted, yet such an occurrence is a bit rare in mass pop culture. The list gets read and dissected (mostly tongue-in-cheek) by many in Washington.

With that I wish my five readers a very happy New Year! May your activities in 2014 be fun if not stylish! (And stay tuned for a super-exciting post about Christmas Eve, yet don't expect one about New Year's Eve - what happens in 2013 shall stay in 2013!)

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting a link to my blog on yours! I might get a blog post out of this myself ;) Linda.


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