Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve and haircut fail

As most Latvians do, we have always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. We were a small group this year, so our Christmas Eve consisted of a nice but short meal (the fresh salmon my sister prepared that had been purchased at the downtown market was fantastic!), a couple of Christmas carols and poems, the handing out and opening of gifts, three of us attending a wonderfully festive church service at a local Lutheran congregation, and quite a few Christmas cookies. It was a relaxed and peaceful evening.

Tante Daina is glad that her niece is a fellow bibliophile!

Earlier in the day, in a never-ending attempt to save money on haircuts (my conscience and Latvian frugality have a difficult time with paying $60+ in the DC area), I had ventured out to a local GR salon that I had used before. It seems that there was a fair amount of miscommunication between the stylist and myself. She did not quite understand what I was telling her, and I did not completely follow what she was suggesting. In the end, quite a bit more was cut than I would have liked and many layers were created. Sure, I looked cute walking out of the salon after the stylist had used three different products and spent what seemed like an eternity blow drying and styling the new 'do. My reality, however, is that I use one product at best, and am missing the hairstyling ability gene, so now that I'm on my own, I haven't been particularly happy with it. But - hey - at least I look good in the photos!

Christmas Eve 2013

For anyone missing winter, the photo below is just for you! As much as I love my family, I was happy to return to a slightly warmer and less snowy climate.

December 2013, Michigan

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