Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Latvia & Lithuania Vacation Overview

While looking at photos from last year's two-week vacation to Latvia and Lithuania, I remembered the trip had been so full of adventures that it took me a couple of months to write about it all. Due to the popularity of a year-old post that I recently tweeted, I decided to list all the posts about the trip in one spot, and even share some new photos.
First coffee in Latvia - Double Coffee
Latvian see-saw!
The bright shades of green in Slitere National Park were unreal...
On the Curonian Spit in Lithuania


  1. Timely and helpful as we start preparations for our LV trip - paldies!

    1. Ne par ko! I really did not write much about Riga seeing as much of that time was spent running around, but as you know - there's plenty to do (and eat and drink) there!


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