Saturday, December 19, 2015


My break between jobs has come to an end, and I will have less time to explore, as well as less time to blog. However, my staycation was absolutely wonderful. So, a bit about what I have been up to:

Spending...time with friends. Lunches, dinners, a fun Hanukkah party -- I always love having the opportunity to spend quality time with people who are near an dear to me.

Watching...During AFI's European Union Film Showcase I saw two films: "Summer of Sangaile" from Lithuania, which did a good job of showing how difficult being a teenager is, though it was so very European that it was challenging to truly enjoy, and "A Royal Night Out" from Great Britain. This one was somewhat fluffy, but certainly enjoyable, particularly because it was based on the true story of then Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret leaving Buckingham Palace on VE Day to celebrate the occasion out in the crowded streets of London.

Cleaning...I did some major cleaning and even a bit of purging at home.

Exploring...I have made a concerted effort to visit museums that I had not been to in the past. In addition to two museums, I also visited a botanical garden and took a special tour in a government agency. For more details, you will need to keep reading over the next several weeks!

Surviving winter...Due to the holidays, what with the preparations and parties, December is certainly easier to survive than January and February, when I will need to consult my Winter Wish & Plan List. However, I have already used my great Latvian cookie cutters.

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