Friday, July 4, 2014

Funny Search Terms and Other Statistics

As other bloggers already know, one of the fascinating things about having a blog is seeing where your readers come from. provides the writer with all sorts of statistics about one's audience, including how many hits the blog has received, how they've gotten there, and from which country.

The majority of my readers are in the United States, followed by Germany and Latvia. But I've also gotten hits from places such as India, Estonia, Colombia, France, Brazil, and Poland. Most people are either folks I know or come across the blog through other blogs I follow and comment on. However, a few people have found my blog through a keyword search -- some of which make sense, others not so much. Below are searches which have led people to my blog, and my comments:
  • 2014 Latvian Olympic bobsled team (makes sense, seeing as I've written about it)
  • digging experience in Latvia (huh?)
  • do Latvian have volcanoes (naturally, anyone who's visited Latvia and seen how flat the country is will find this amusing, nevermind the horrid grammar)
  • Laimdota Straujuma cool quotes (I've mentioned Prime Minister Straujuma, but I don't think I've written anything about her or anyone else's cool quotes; quite a few people would argue that she doesn't have any cool quotes - Toomas Ilves she's not)
  • Latvian opinion of Americans (given the title of my blog, this makes some sense, although it's not a general topic I've covered)
In case it is too hot wherever you are, I leave you with a photo of a snow person that someone built not far from my apartment building after one of our big snowstorms this winter.
If you're American, I also wish you a happy Independence Day! Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. It is random what words people search for to find your blog:-) Cool quotes from the Latvian prime minister is a good one. Hope you had a happy independence day(◕‿◕✿)

    1. Yes, that one and the volcanoes one definitely surprised me a bit. And thank you - I had a nice relaxing day, which is just what I needed.


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