Thursday, July 10, 2014

Take a Trip: Monocacy Aqueduct and Lilypons Water Gardens

I love a three-day weekend - more opportunity for both relaxation and fun than the typical run-of-the-mill weekend. Fourth of July was celebrated in low-key fashion by hanging out at the pool at a friend's condo complex, then being treated to traditional Colombian meal while the Colombia-Brazil World Cup game was intently watched by some. Seeing as I was spending time with my Latvian/Peruvian and Colombian friends, it was a very "DC in the 21st century" type of day.

Saturday I held an afternoon tea. Four of my girlfriends were able to attend, and we had lots of delicious food and interesting conversation.

Sunday my travel buddy Bryan and I did some exploring by driving out to the Monocacy River Aqueduct in Frederick County, Maryland. The Aqueduct is located on the C&O Canal National Park, which stretches 184.5 miles along the old, now unused canal. I love walking near the Great Falls portion of the park; that is in Potomac, a DC suburb, and a short drive from my place. I was excited to finally see another part of the canal and trail. We ended up walking 5 miles, which was just the exercise I needed after enjoying more than one cupcake at the tea the previous day! This portion of the trail is very popular with bikers - the terrain is even, and there isn't that much scenery - basically, you are in the woods, with the dried up canal on one side, and at times the Monocacy River on the other.
The Aqueduct
The Trail

The old canal
The Potomac River
Afterward, on our way to Frederick, we stopped at Lilypons Water Gardens, whose signs I'd seen on the highway for many years. This business sells a variety of water gardening products, including plants and fish, but they have gorgeous displays of their wares. We happened to visit just as many of the waterlilies were beginning to bloom. Lovely!

Red-winged blackbird

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