Saturday, August 2, 2014

Take Ten Trips Update & Funny Search Terms

Back at the beginning of April, I pledged to take at least ten trips this year, with the definition of a trip being rather vague, i.e. including day trips. This is what I have accomplished thus far.

Accomplished trips
April - day trips in the DMV
May - Latvia and Lithuania
June - Michigan
July - Michigan, plus day trips (Monocacy Aqueduct on the C&O Canal; Harper's Ferry, WV)

Note: I can tell you that the Garezers weekend (aka July Michigan trip) was absolutely fantastic; I'll definitely write about it, but it will take some time. I might actually write one post in Latvian, as some of these things are challenging to talk about in English!

Upcoming planned trip
August - Cape Cod

Need to plan something
September - much overdue visit to the Library of Congress in DC
October - possibly Pennsylvania to visit a friend
November - ?
December - ? (although I suspect I'll travel Michigan for Christmas)

Search Terms
On an entirely different note, the following are search terms that have led individuals to my blog recently:
  • "american most building" (uh, what?)
  • "letins singing in football" (hmm, interesting...)
  • "grobina castle knights" (I've briefly mentioned visiting the castle ruins in Grobina, but sadly know nothing of knights associated with that castle)
  • "latvian references in american television" (definitely an interesting topic, but not one I've not written about; anyone remember the show in which a couple of characters actually broke out speaking in Latvian briefly - thanks to Latvian-American Arturs Rusis being a producer on that show?)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekends!


  1. Glad to hear you got your Gaŗezers fix! As to Latvia/Latvians in American cinema/media, these are the two blogs I follow: and Pop Latvia covers more modern references - sitcoms and such, Imaginary Latvians on Medium is more in the literary sphere. Have a great weekend!

    1. I've been following the Imaginary Latvians project since it began - I'm glad they're doing that. Didn't know about the Pop Latvia tumblr though - thanks for letting me know!

  2. TV program "Monk" - a foreign dignitary (or was it a gangster?) said: "Šis nav mans mētelis" - turns out this was a critical moment in the scene (wrong coat, big mistake)!

    1. I remember hearing about that, but the one I'm thinking of was a different show. It involved a man and a woman conversing (if memory serves me correctly!). I'll need to look and see if I can find info about it old emails. :) But the "Šis nav mans mētelis" comment does remind me of at least one or two such instances I know in my family leaving a Latvian event and grabbing the wrong coat!

  3. Search terms are always fun!

    September is the final month of my take 12 trips challenge. I haven't decided where to go yet.


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