Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Located in downtown Grand Rapids, the Children's Museum is a perfect destination for those cold winter days. My mom and I took my niece and nephew there the morning after Christmas Day; going relatively early was a wise decision, as the museum quickly became quite crowded with many children and even more adults.

The museum has a variety of different play areas, some meant for very young children, others suitable for slightly older kids.
The yellow VW bug is popular with all ages!
The area that attracts the most children is "Little GR" -- a small city, just like Grand Rapids, with all of the requisite services one needs in town.
The post office
The library
Properly checking out library books is serious work!
The pizzeria
The chef at the pizzeria
The bank
This supermarket shopper apparently loves fish!
Small selection of supermarket items
The friendly supermarket cashier
The museum has numerous other areas, but this is where our kids wanted to spend the most time. It's also where we ran into other Latvian-Americans -- because it's a small world when you're Latvian!


  1. It always amazes me to see things like coca cola in the Childrens Museum 'supermarket'! Ours also has high fructose corn syrup drinks and a variety of other super-unhealthy stuff... Wish we would have more of the fish and ice cream!

    1. The fruit and veggie section in the "store" is huge -- I just didn't have a photo of it. But I agree that they should concentrate on the healthier foods!


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