Monday, January 25, 2016

Longwood Gardens: Orchids and More

My December visit to the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania was timed so that I could see the popular Christmas displays, but the indoor greenhouses are so impressive that they deserve a post of their own. Well, actually more than just one post, otherwise I will overwhelm you with a hundred photos! Thus, below is a small selection of orchids and other flowers. If the cold winter temperatures have you longing for warmer weather, may these colorful blossom remind you that spring and summer will eventually come!
I've no idea what this is - but I love it!
Just some of the many orchids!

More Longwood photos to follow in the future!


  1. We've got the one orchid in our home. You wouldn't know it's an orchid though, because the last flowers seen on the thing were five years ago, when it was gifted to me :) Love your pics, funny to imagine the tropical scene buried under all that snow!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for the reminder that spring will come. I'd nearly given up hope.


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