Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Become a Birdwatcher in Latvia Without Leaving Home!

Latvia is a birdwatchers' paradise, and is also known for its fast Internet. Fortunately some thoughtful and ingenious people decided to make use of technology, and thanks to a couple of cameras, folks around the world can observe two different bird nests in Latvia!

Just click on this Dabasdati.lv link, and choose whether you would like to watch the rare black storks' nest, which currently is home to two eggs, or the eagles' nest, which seems to swing almost precariously high on a treetop. 
 Short descriptions are available in English, while more frequent updates are only in Latvian. There I learned that the male black stork has been named Ozols (Oak), whereas the female has been named Zīle (Acorn).
The eagle couple is named Durbe and Roberts, and sadly last month a crow had eaten one of their eggs, and possibly damaged the other.
Source: dabasdati.lv
There is definitely something both soothing and freeing in watching these beautiful beings live their life!

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