Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Visitors

Although Christmas is our traditional family holiday, it is not uncommon for some of us to also gather at Easter. Now that my youngest nephew is in school, my sister and brother-in-law decided that a spring break (which in his school district coincides with Easter) trip was in order, and fortunately choose DC as their destination. We had a lot of fun together, and they were also able to visit and meet various friends, plus more family.

On the first evening, we all enjoyed a big pancake/bacon/fruit dinner (breakfast for dinner for the win!), and blowing bubbles/eating chocolate/drinking wine (to each their own!) on my balcony. The following  day they visited me at work, where the highlights of the outing were snacks eaten at one of our cafeterias, and finding Nemo in the large fish tank.

An afternoon was spent with other family members, and included visiting a horse - which meant grooming him, feeding him carrots (everyone's favorite part!), and for one lucky person - even doing some horseback riding. Family visits often also entail doing things outside the norm - such as eating ice cream shortly before dinner.
Nice ice cream spot - Alex's in Lisbon, MD
Easter Sunday was busy, beginning with the church service at 8am, the wonderful church brunch afterwards, plus a visit from the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt! 
Ansis volunteered to help during the children's sermon!
Very friendly and sweet bunny!
Family portrait
Later in the day we also met several friends at one of the area's best parks, Cabin John Regional, where everyone enjoyed the fresh spring air and various park activities, including riding the mini-train, sliding down slides, climbing up various jungle gyms, playing pass football, and just running around.
Lauma and Lulu - climbing to great heights!
The park was fun for everyone!
Their last evening (which followed their short foray into DC to see visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and see the Washington Monument and White House) in town included a diner visit, as everyone needs to know how to use a jukebox, and more play time.
So many choices!
Play is serious work!
It was a fun visit! Now the kids know all the best parks near my place, plus have finally seen where President Obama lives.


  1. How fun! You managed to pack a lot into the week. I know the White House made a big impression on Lauris our first visit to DC, for the following months he would tell everyone we met about ''Bāmas māja'...

    1. Wasn't even a week :) - they arrived on a Thursday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. They also visited the Air & Space Museum in Virginia, saw a movie, and met friends out there one evening. And the kids were real troopers! Yes, I think Ansis will also remember having seen the WH - I remember attending an Easter Egg Roll there when I was about his age!


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