Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Honey Cookies (with a Latvian connection, of course!)

Most of my weekends contain some Latvian aspect to them, and the last one was no exception. On Sunday I had some unexpected free time, and therefore decided to finally bake honey cookies. I say "finally" because back in the fall a Latvian friend had given me a large container of honey from her godmother's country property in Latvia. The honey tastes fantastic in my green tea, but I wanted to experiment and try something new.

This is the recipe I used. Because I don't eat gluten, I used two different kinds of gluten-free flour mixes I happened to have on hand. Also, instead of plain old white sugar, I used coconut sugar. Additionally, I decided not to roll the dough in sugar, and I'm glad I made the choice, as it seems like overkill. Even so in my opinion the end result was a tad too sweet, but the texture and taste were absolutely phenomenal. The edges were slightly crispy, the middle was chewy, notes of both butter and honey were appreciated while eating.

I sent some to a friend (via her husband whom I met while at a Latvian event on Sunday; how these would travel in the mail I don't know), and her email the next day said: "Oh my goodness!!! I usually don't care for cookies without anything chocolate in them, but these are amazing! Can you send me the recipe?"

These delicious and simple cookies are certainly entering my regular baking repertoire. Next time I will adjust the amount of sugar and/or honey in an attempt to dial down the sweetness a bit.

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