Thursday, February 27, 2014

Latvian-American in GQ

Ernest Sabine is a Latvian-American who grew up in the Boston area, and has become a popular menswear designer in New York City. His company is called Ernest Alexander, and he often references his Latvian grandparents in interviews when speaking about influences. The men's magazine GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) recently visited Ernest's apartment, and an article with many photographs from the apartment has been published. The photos below are by Jon Snyder, and are from that article, which I recommend reading and looking at in its entirety!
Photo above couch of Ernest's grandfather's farm in Latvia
Ernest in his living room
Ernest mentions owning a Vija Celmins print
Ernest spoke (in English) at the TedX event in Riga in 2013; a video of that can be viewed here.

The fantastic television news magazine "Viss Notiek" has also interviewed Ernest (in Latvian) a number of times; one video is here, and another older one is here.

The Latvian-American community being as small as it is means that I attended the same New Hampshire Latvian camp as Ernest and his brother Andrejs one summer when I was ten, and they both attended the Latvian summer high school at Garezers for a summer or two when we were teenagers. Now, if I could only translate that Latvian connection into a discount!

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