Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Sunday

The Super Bowl is a super big deal in this country. Far too big, in my opinion! Football itself is boring, and the ads during the game's broadcast too often tend be rather sexist. However, it is a grand reason to throw a party.

Some dear Latvian-American friends of mine have been hosting extravagant Super Bowl parties for many years. I prepared by eating a light lunch, knowing that the plethora of delicious food options at their event would be too good to pass up. In true Latvian style, this is a party that you cannot even attempt to leave hungry. Among the smorgasbord of choices ranged from the traditional (for a SB party, anyway) chips with salsa and guacamole and chicken wings to the classier spanakopita, mushroom paté, warm crab dip, shrimp, smoked salmon, brie with a side of honey and green grapes, salmon mousse paté, and - the piece de resistance - candied bacon. Then for the main course: chili, with optional cheese, onion, and sour cream toppings. Finally, for dessert: mini cupcakes, fresh strawberries, and Latvian chocolates.

This was the second time I'd been able to enjoy these lovely delicacies, which are made in a tiny village called Pūre, near Tukums. In checking out their website, I learned the chocolatier offers tours of the facilities, and even an option to make one's own truffles. Sounds like a great day trip from Riga, or a worthwhile stop while driving around Kurzeme!

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