Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Living Without Technology / Olympic Update

My iPad has been my constant companion when I'm at home since I purchased it two years ago. On Thursday evening I attempted to download the newest operating system; unsurprisingly, that did not work as intended. After having a friend try to help me fix it on Friday, all I could do was make an appointment at the Apple store for Monday, and then wait. As one of the dwindling number of people who still does not have a smart phone, and as one of the growing number of people who does not have a home computer, living without my iPad for a couple of days was certainly an adjustment.

Unfortunately that is why I am still not unable to share any snow photos with you, as Monday ended up being a very busy day with many errands.

In exciting Latvian sports news,  Mārtiņš Dukurs won silver in men's skeleton, while Tomass Dukurs came in fourth. These were the exact same spots in which they finished in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I cannot imagine However, this brings the total number of medals for Latvia up to three, which is a great number for a country of 2 million people! Richard Florida has an article in The Atlantic with a fantastic title: Norway, Slovenia, and Latvia Are Owning the Sochi Olympics. He calculated medals per 10 million people, as well as medals per $100 billion in GDP, which is how he came up with his argument.

Mārtiņš tweeted the following photo on Monday. It is unclear who baked and decorated the cake, but it is a very sweet sentiment (no pun intended!).
The Dukurs Brothers: Our Heroes
This morning the DC area awoke to find a fresh coating of snow, luckily only about an inch in most places. I believe I speak for most of us in the area: this better have been winter's last hurrah, as we are very impatiently waiting for warmer, more seasonable weather.


  1. Hope you are taking a long lunch at a sports bar for today's game - two, nothing Latvija up halfway through the game!

    1. I wish! Had to keep a track of the score with one eye while working....same thing for today's game, except I have to be at a lunch meeting at 12.30.


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